Do you love our single DTF transfers but love gangsheet pricing more?

We get it! Not offering our designs in digital format makes it impossible for you to get the discounted prices that gangsheets offer. Here is our solution!

Save up to 25% by buying in bulk!

  • Available in 6-pack, 12-pack, 18-pack or 24-pack. 
  • They will ALL be the same design
  • ALL transfers will be the size selected
  • May come individually cut or as a gangsheet
  • You MUST enter SKU# and color (if applicable)
    SKU# are located on every design! Please scroll through the pictures if you are unsure where to locate it. PLEASE double check SKU# before submitting your order
  • LoveSCA members: Your discount on single DTF transfers will apply! (yay double discounts) If you are not a member of the club click HERE to learn more!

Please make sure you enter the ENTIRE SKU. Many designs have similar SKUs, PLEASE double check that you have entered the correct SKU before purchase. The SKU can be found on EVERY design in pretty much the same spot. Please see the other picture that shows an example SKU

If your SKU starts with C-DTF you will need to specify the color you would like below. Color can ONLY be changed on designs with C-DTF as the beginning of the SKU. If your design does NOT have C-DTF it will print EXACTLY as shown with NO COLOR CHANGES. If you do not include the color needed your order will be delayed