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CUSTOM DTF Gangsheet by invoice


Custom Gangsheet:


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Sizes Available:

ADULT 11″ on the LONGEST side (PLEASE NOTE: The MAX dimensions of any design is 11×9 if the design is more square it will not be 11″ on the longest side. If you need the exact measurements of ANY design, please email PRIOR to purchase

YOUTH 8″ on the LONGEST side

POCKET 3.5″ on the LONGEST side

IMPORTANT: DTF printing requires we print a strip of ink down the side of the film. You MUST cut this strip off your transfer before pressing. It will press onto your shirt if you leave it attached. You may also have a name or order number printed onto your film, these need to be removed as well. ANY EXTRA INKS ON YOUR FILM WILL TRANSFER TO YOUR SHIRT IF NOT REMOVED.

OVERSIZED PACKAGE SHIPPING Please be aware that GANGSHEETS come EXACTLY as shown on one single sheet. We will NOT cut these transfers apart for you, as such, this gangsheet will need to ship in a box. There is an additional $4 fee added to the shipping to cover this charge. This fee is only charged once per order, you can add as many gangsheets to your order as you like and you will only be charged one $4 fee. Shipping is tiered and your shipping will increase according to the number of items in your cart.

Colors:  We do our best to show an accurate color representation of the artwork we print. Please note that every monitor is different and the colors shown may vary from the artwork that is printed. DTF transfer colors may vary slightly between each batch due to the way the ink is laid down.

HEAT PRESS REQUIRED You must have even pressure and temperature. Cricut easy presses and auto-presses will NOT work with these transfers. You need a heat press that will provide 60psi (please check the specs of your press, not all heat presses will provide 60psi)

DTF transfers are great for most fabrics and colors. Easily apply to 100% cotton, 100% polyester or blends. Please test if you are using waterproof, water resistant, or fireproof garments.


DTF transfers are printed at time of purchase. Please be advised that individual transfers placed with your gangsheet order may come to you individually cut or added to your gangsheet. Gangsheets NEVER come individually cut. You will need to cut apart once you receive them.

You are welcome to use my example pictures HOWEVER you must add an all-over watermark. Do NOT post without a watermark. You can find more sample mockups in the facebook group.

We will not refund purchases due to user errors. Please calibrate your heat press and double check the time and pressure needed for each transfer.

NOT FOR RESALE! These transfers are not to be resold as transfers. The transfers can be pressed on bags, shirts, canvases, etc and the finished item can be sold but the transfers themselves cannot be resold.

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ADULT 11", YOUTH 8", POCKET 3.5"