Flamingo Bitch PLEASE I’m fabulous LEOPARD POCKET **Sublimation transfer**

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Color: Multi
Size: 3.5″ along the LONGEST SIDE. If the design is a horizontal design it will be 3.5″ across if the design is a vertical design it will be 3.5″ tall
Temperature: 380-400 Degrees Fahrenheit
Time:   55-65 Seconds
Pressure: Medium Pressure
Peel: Hot Peel
HEAT PRESS REQUIRED You must have even pressure and temperature.

Sublimation transfers are awesome but you need to follow these simple rules! WHY, you ask? It’s all about science!

Sublimation is an ink that turns into a gas when heated and dyes the fibers in your garment. Cool huh! 


  1. You must use a shirt that is AT LEAST 65% polyester. Cotton fibers won’t accept the dye from the sublimation ink, only the polyester fibers. So the higher the polyester count the better! Any shirt less than 65% will provide a muted vintage look.
  2. You need to apply the transfer to a light colored shirt. Inks won’t show up on dark color shirts. Kinda like using a yellow crayon on a blue piece of paper, you’re not going to see it. The lighter the better.
  3. Sublimation transfer do not print white ink, any part of the design that is white will be the color of the shirt. (Think eyes for a second. If you press a transfer of a dog on a gray shirt, the whites of the eyes are going to be gray instead of white)
  4. Pre-press your shirt. I pre-press my shirt for 5-10 seconds at 400 degrees (the temp I press my transfers at)
  5. Use parchment paper or butcher paper! This is SUPER important. Place a sheet of parchment paper, at least the size of the transfer inside your shirt. This will keep the dye from bleeding through and dying the back of the shirt also! Nobody likes when that happens! ALSO it is necessary to cover the top of the transfer with a piece of parchment also. This keeps any escaping dyes from adhering to your press and transferring on to the next item you press.
  6. You MUST use a heat press! Irons and easy presses don’t provide the necessary heat & pressure to make sure the sublimation transfer properly applies to your shirt.
  7. Heat tape will help to hold the transfer in place and produce an awesome transfer of ink!

PLEASE SEE SAMPLE PHOTOS! These are just examples obviously but do represent the difference in 100% poly and 50% poly along with colors. For best results press the sublimation transfers on light color high polyester count shirts!