LIFETIME License to sell Printable PNG designs as TRANSFERS


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This license allows you to print transfers in the Printable PNG category only. It doesn’t allow you to use any of the designs in the SVG category on the website or in the SoCuteAppliques or SoCuteCuttables Etsy shops. It requires that you are the one printing the transfers with equipment you OWN & OPERATE.

With all that being said, the license covers all the designs now and in the future. Here is all the info.


**************Extended License Information**************

*Unlimited Prints (You are allowed to print the design and sell as many transfers as you like)

*If you are displaying the sample picture the SoCutePrintCo watermark must stay intact and visible. You are welcome to use the sample pictures or create your own mockups. YOU must watermark them.

*NO 3rd party printing. YOU are allowed to print transfers, you are NOT allowed to send the design to a 3rd party printer to print for you. This includes Sublimation, screenprinting, DTF, printed vinyl, decals, etc.. If you are NOT the one printing the designs you are NOT allowed to sell them.

*NO sharing, selling or trading of the digital files. You are welcome to sell the transfer but NOT the digital design

*NO designs are included with the purchase of this license. You will need to purchase the design separately.

*This license covers ALL the designs in the SoCutePrintCo etsy shop and ONLY the designs under the Printable PNG category on the website. This does NOT include any design in the SVG category.  If you need assistance with this please let me know.

*AGAIN just to reiterate, YOU are welcome to print the transfers. NO 3rd party printing.

*Transfers: this includes DTF, Sublimation, screenprinting, printed vinyl, decals, etc.. If you are unsure if it is allowed please ask

*Selling any transfers without the purchase of an extended license is against my terms of use

*This license can be revoked if the above listed requirements are not being followed.


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