SVG not downloading? Embroidery designs puckering?  Screen prints cracking? We GET it and lets face it TECHNOLOGY STINKS! Sometimes you just need a little help!

Check out the tips & tricks for each category below!

General Info

Since my designs are offered in multiple formats and sizes the file is ZIPPED for easy upload and download. Download the zipfolder and extract the files. If you are using a tablet or a phone you may need to download an app to be able to do this. Check out your app store!my 

Absolutely! All of my designs come with a small commercial use license. So what exactly does that mean? Well to be honest it varies depending on which category you are referring to. 

Lets start with the Embroidery Category! You are welcome to create 100 items per design. Pretty simple! The only things you can’t do is sell, share or giveaway the file. You are also not allowed to use any pieces or elements in any embroidery design to create and sell any new design. And you can’t upload the files to any print on demand site. You must be the ones making the items.

Now on to the SVG Category! You are welcome to create 100 items per design, this includes shirts, cups, bags, etc. This does NOT allow you to create any transfers. I don’t offer a license at this time to print any of my SVG designs as trasnfers. As with all digital files you aren’t allowed to sell, share or giveaway this file. You cannot use ANY part of an SVG design to create a new design that you will sale. I don’t allow any 3rd party printing or POD, all items must be made by YOU!

And lastly the Printable PNG Category! As with the other formats you are allowed to create 100 items per design. This includes shirts, cups, bags etc. This license does NOT allow you to create or sell any transfers. There is an additional license that you can purchase that allows you print and sell transfers. It requires that you are the one printing the transfers. I don’t allow any 3rd party printing or POD. If you want more info on a license email me

I make all of my files with commercially licensed fonts. As you can imagine I don’t freely give out this info. No different than the restaurant not sharing their world famous pie recipe, I will not share what fonts I use. Sorry! Nothing personal it’s just business! I know 99% of the time when a font is inquired about it it’s not with ill intent but there are SO MANY copy cats now that will create the EXACT same design just because. It’s really sad. 

Please don’t post my designs on boards asking What font is this? 

I love Sales and coupon codes! They are GREAT and there is usually at least one active on the website. You can find these codes in your newsletter. MAKE sure you sign up AND the more you participate! The more newsletters you open and clicking on, the higher you rank and the BETTER the coupon codes are! 5 star newsletter recipients get random free designs and credits! Join the facebook group also, there are group only codes on occasion. 

STOP what you are doing and DON’T download the design. Once the design has been downloaded I don’t offer exchanges or refunds. Contact me immediately and I will try to get it swapped out for you. 

Absolutely! I understand that you can’t possibly make sample shirts for EVERY design. You are welcome to use my sample pictures. You MUST leave my watermark and logos intact and visible. 

I get it, I am not a fan of watermarking either. It is an extra step, it looks tacky and personally I would prefer if everyone in this world was honest and didn’t feel the need to copy. Until that day comes everything needs to be watermarked 🙁